Filter Leaves

Properly functioning leaves are crucial to profitable filter operation. At the leaves, liquor is mechanically separated into residue and treated product. We will help your leaves function perfectly by either repairing your current leaves or designing new ones.

We fabricate metal leaves in all sizes, shapes, and alloys to original specifications or improved field tested designs. We also fabricate plastic leaves. We design new leaves based on the filter medium, chamber, binder and closure, and outlet fitting. Our leaves provide maximum strength and flow at minimum pressure drop within a filter.

We can restore your present leaves “as new” with the replacement of worn internals, prior to recovering with a suitable filter medium. We repair leaves for a wide range of filter brands. Rebuilding often saves money over designing and manufacturing new leaves.


To receive cad drawings, quotes or additional product information please contact us.


  • Benefits

    • Better throughput
    • Easy to rescreen
    • Longer lasting
    • Stronger


    • Alloys
    • Plastic

    Key Elements

    • Binder & Closure
    • Chamber
    • Filter Medium
    • Outlet Fitting

    Leaf Design

    • Designed to provide maximum strength and flow at minimum pressure drop within the filter chamber.
    • Furnished with a permanent or field replaceable closures and with a filtrate outlet to match the manifold.
    • Smooth edge binders provide strength, filtrate collection space and protection for fabrics against excessive wear.
    • Supplied bare or covered.

    Replacement Leaves Available For:

    • Bird Machine Bowser (Process Filters)
    • Buffalo Filters
    • DeLaval
    • DeSola-Suchar
    • Dupps
    • Eimco
    • Enzinger (Duriron)
    • Funda
    • Goslin Birmingham
    • Hercules
    • Idrex
    • Industrial
    • Keene
    • Kelley
    • LFC (AMA filter)
    • Niagara® (Ametek)
    • Northe-American
    • Passavant
    • Pronto
    • Schenk
    • Seitz
    • Shriver
    • Sparkler
    • Sweetland (Dorr-Oliver)
    • U.S. Filter

    Industries Served

    • Beverage
    • Biofuels
    • Cement
    • Chemical
    • Corn milling
    • Fluid treatment
    • Food processing
    • Mineral processing
    • Oil Feed
    • Petrochemical
    • Petroleum
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Pulp and paper
    • Sugar
    • Waste water treatment
    • Water Treatment
    • Well water and irrigation

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