WEDGE-FLOW product quality is an absolute necessity in the design and manufacture of flat retention screens and underdrains.

Slot sizes of .005″ to .018″ are required for resin, sand and carbon columns. In addition, massive support structure capable of withstanding up to 150 psi and higher pressure differentials is often required. Retaining screens are commonly installed by welding directly to the vessel, and become a vital, integral part of the process.

The importance of engineering expertise and attention to detail during production cannot be understated. Our A.S.M.E. certified welders are in constant communication with engineering during all phases of design and manufacture. It is this understanding of process requirements that guide LEEM from the onset of your project.


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  • Types

    • Conical
    • Filter Cap
    • Flat
    • Lateral

    Slot Size

    • .005″ to .018″

    The properly designed underdrain must:

    • Be structurally sound.
    • Allow maximum vessel capacity of granular media.
    • Uniformly support the load over its entire surface area.
    • Retain the finest granules and resist clogging.
    • Provide minimum pressure loss and/or uniform drainage.
    • Be of corrosion-resistant material to insure long service life, especially in inaccessible locations or hazardous service.
    • Permit backwash, regeneration in place or hydraulic discharge.
    • Eliminate the need for subfill.


    • Activated Carbons
    • Catalysts
    • Desiccants
    • Ion Exchange Resins
    • Molecular Sieves
    • Sand
    • Silica Gels
    • Other Packing Materials


    • A.S.M.E.

    Industries Served

    • Beverage
    • Cement
    • Chemical
    • Corn milling
    • Fluid treatment
    • Food processing
    • Mineral processing
    • Petrochemical
    • Petroleum
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Pulp and paper
    • Sugar
    • Waste water treatment
    • Water Treatment
    • Well water and irrigation
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